Marcus Little & KMUZ!

Marcus Little & KMUZ!

Hello, Check, check. Testing. Is this thing on?

Well well well! It has been a while! But as it happens, The Adventures of Marcus Little is back, and this time, it’s on KMUZ, here is Salem, OR! This program has never aired on KMUZ, and it will go out this winter, as part of Austin’s program, Somewhere In-Between: A Radio Zine. This show is on at 10:30 AM on Fridays, and Marcus Little will appear from November 12th through December 17th.

But airing the program isn’t all! This will include Austin telling some behind the scenes stories about making Marcus Little, AND a small story set in the same universe as Marcus Little, relating to some unfinished business! This is new, never-before-heard stories that you won’t want to miss.



So, tune in to Somewhere In-Between: A Radio Zine, and catch Marcus Little before it’s gone for good…

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