The Adventures of Marcus Little is a radio drama suitable for broadcast at any time of the day, but particularly fits late nights and stations that already air audio dramas of some kind. This is a Supernatural Radio Noir, with funny moments, and borders on an almost experimental presentation.

The program can best be aired as one, continuous 88 Minute Presentation, or in two long “Episodes,” each over 40 minutes long. To get the most out of the show, it is further broken into six parts, each less than 20 minutes in length. Other, clever programmers could further edit and present the show in smaller, or other re-arranged forms.

The Adventures of Marcus Little is available for syndication for anyone, free of charge. If you have it, please air it. If you want to air it, let’s talk. We thank you.

However, if you would like to officially syndicate the program, we can provide you with broadcasts files, customized for your station (terrestrial or digital). If you want to include this as a segment of your podcast, then by all means, we would be happy to cross promote. Let’s find a way to have some radio noir fun.

If you are are interested in carrying this program, please contact:

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WAYO Radio will be airing “Marcus Little” this fall.
KBOO Radio will be airing “Marcus Little” this summer.
KWVA Radio will be airing “Marcus Little” this summer.
The Dead Air Fresheners will be re-mixing “Marcus Little” this summer.