Marcus Little & WAYO FM in Rochester, NY!

 Marcus Little & WAYO FM in Rochester, NY!






WAYO Radio in Rochester, NY will be airing “The Adventuress of Marcus Little” in two  parts, with a third follow-up episode that will include an interview with creator Austin Rich & voice actor Heather Zajkowski, on November 4th, 11th & 18th, as part of the Sound of Tomorrow program (with Heather & Ross).

Their program airs at 4 PM, EST (1 PM, PST), and is a wonderful talk program that features both comedy and heart, and not only has Austin appeared on the program a few times, but Heather is the regular host of SOT. Expect some fundraiser fun as we enjoy reliving the story, and offer insight into the broadcast and movie of which it is a part.

This is airing as part of the annual fundraiser for WAYO Radio, and as usual, all media needs a little extra support these days. If you would be so inclined, please consider donating to WAYO, to keep programs like The Sound of Tomorrow on the air!




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